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The college for which the hubby works recently announced that it will be decreasing tuition by $10K beginning next school year. Combine this with the other things it's doing/has done--purchased a nursing school, has a 5 year BA + MBA program, has some degrees that can be completed in just 3 years, has a random MFA program in writing--and I fear it's going to get a rep for being a diploma mill. That is, if it doesn't have that reputation already.

OK. Let's get some perspective. I don't know any parent thats paying less than 1K/mo/kid for 9 hr per day daycare. Private primary school... the catholic schools are 5-6K, but unaffiliated private schools run 9-20K. In Pittsburgh.

But the real issue is that in the 60s/70s, public universities were funded by the state at a much higher rate, in general. Some states have really slashed their state university support. And wages, especially at the low end of the work experience range, have stagnated. It's tax policy and income inequality, not nuclear physics. Voting Americans, as a whole, chose this.

Schuman apparently teaches at my University. I must meet her.

I suppose that Neil Gaiman teaching at Bard means I can no longer brag that he lives 90 miles from me :-( But he will be closer to his wife, which is good.

Yeah, I saw the Bard College + Neil Gaiman thing and was like "Ooh, I wonder if they have an online MFA I can enroll in...."

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