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And the mittens keep rolling in.


These are fresh from Jen Anderson in Brooklyn. Hooray, Brooklyn!

I'll be building the tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you're local and want to watch me crawl around in Project Anthologies' front window, come on by.

(If you're wondering why mittens, click here.)

And for your viewing pleasure, a gratuituous corgi in a nest:


Scott was pruning our pines a few weeks ago and Lucy decided they made the perfect nest because there is nothing as lovely as pine sap in dog fur. 


check your luggage from KRR. I believe you might have left a pair in there.

Arg! You are so right! I haven't even unloaded that bag since I got home. It's been … hectic. Soon, Anj.

I live for pine sap in dog (or cat) fur. It makes me hot. Not.

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