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still lives (lives?) with mittens, scarf, corgi

First, the mittens:



Anj handed them to me at the recent Knitter's Review Retreat (which was the awesome!) and I put them in my bag, which I promptly failed to unpack all the way until yesterday. Ooops. Sorry Anj! The mittens are gorgeous and will go in the pile. One short week until I start to build.

(If you're wondering why mittens, click here.)

I did, however, pull out two finds from the stash lounge shortly after I got home. Have you ever come across a yarn that you find so very unattractive that it goes all the way around past hideous, then back into kinda lovely again? Curiosity got the better of me:


All in the house affectionately dubbed this the "road kill" yarn. What the picture doesn't tell you is how soft it it. The Tween fell in love with it, so took an evening and knitted her a scarf.


I love this picture, too, and couldn't chose between them:


The scarf met her approval. One skein - the yarn is Pagewood Farm U-Knitted Nations in "Fuzzy Purls" but I don't want to link to it lest the maker gets ticked that I called it ugly* - makes a scarf that is too short for an adult but perfect for a kid.

The corgi is thrilled by all of this knitting:


Thrilled, I tell you:



* Remember that ugly is in the eye of the beholder. And I honestly think this particular yarn has a quirky charm that is definitely not for everyone but ideal for my 11-year old.


HA! I was right in that you hadn't unpacked all the way. Just glad I gave you the prompt. Would be sad for you to find them in March.

But that scarf.. I had no idea that lovely scarf would come from that very strange yarn. There were 2 in the swap lounge.. (not the same dyelot etc but 2 kinds of similar with fuzzy something baubles) and I wondered what the heck one would make with them. You succeeded beyond my wildest.

Quirky rules!

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