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Merry Christmas

many things make a post

Here are many things a day early, simply because I can see how nutty this week is going to be:

* Irish farmer selfies.

* I just have something in my eye is all.

* A conversation writers never have.

* The value of "hygge."

*  Now, I'm really bitter that we don't have a Trader Joe's.

* If you have a) ever done theater or b) ever realized that our time here is short, start watching at about 1:30.

* Coffee v. Tea.

* Truth.

* Really balanced look at gluten. Maybe, instead of demonizing just one component of our food, we should look at our food (and exercise) as a whole....

* Wow.



I think it's really creepy that just seconds before reading these I was thinking about going Grandpa's Cheesebarn to get some curds for poutine.

Poutine doesn't look like it would mail well, or I'd send ya some.

Trader Joe's isn't exactly conveniently located for me, but I am so going there now.

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