I'm 381!
up with figs, o death

many things make a post

* Clearly, my shoe choices are the real problem.

* I am smart enough to be a U.S. Citizen - but only barely. (All of the aolder white male Supreme Court guys tripped me up. They all look the same to me.)

* You can just rock me to sleep.

* AAAIEEEE! And with little Wellies!

* Would that I were this good.

* Not the most original list but #11 made me laugh.

* It's not about the dress.

* The phrase "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face" could not be more apt.

* Where it begins.


Thanks for these Tuesday delights! I could not get the NYTimes link. Could you let me know the title of the article? I'll find it some way. Thanks.

"The South's New Lost Cause" by Timothy Egan.

I got all the actual questions right on the quiz, but lost a ton of point for not serving on tons of town committees.

Dog pic #4 is especially true in my world.

I mixed up the 3 oldest white guy supreme court justices too. Just another reason we need diversity.

Citizen with distinction, thankyouverymuch.

Loved the "It's not about the dress." I want that as a sampler for Em's room.

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