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actual knitting content: a quandary

It dawned on me that now that my Chimera Cardi is ABB,* I have space in my life for another project. And what should my wandering eyes spy but this --


Plucky Knitter 100 percent Cashmere Lace in Oatmeal, which was a door prize I won at the last Knitter's Review Retreat. I am a lucky girl indeed.

But I'm not sure what exactly to do with it. I'm thinking scarfy cowly thing, mostly because I have 400 yards and don't know that I could get much more out of it. I could be wrong. Lace weight always confuses me. I do think that I'd like to play with beads, though, and pulled some options out of the bead bag. 


These were leftover from a cross-stitch project for the Tween, back before she was a Tween.**


Lucy wonders why there is all of these beads and yarn on the window seat as well as why I'm taking pictures of it rather than playing with her.***


I got these in Prague. Love them.


These, too. But my shopping companion that day thought they were less than gorgeous by several degrees of magnitude. And while I agree that I wouldn't want a whole outfit that color, I think they'd be lovely as an accent.


Lucy (and the spouse) still wants to know why I'm not rubbing her belly.


Finally, these, whose provenance I'm unsure of.

So which would you choose? And any thoughts on a pattern? Or why the corgi belly is so irresistible?


* All But Buttons (which are on their way)

** I feel like I've blogged about this but can't find it. The finished project is on her wall, tho.

*** Ignore the carpet. Soon it will be replaced - but years of cats and kids have taken their toll.


How about the shawl "Sweet Dreams", which you can find on Ravelry. (Sorry, I don't know how to link to it.)You should have enough yarn and you don't have to decide about beads for awhile. I, and many others, love it, and apparently it is not too difficult, but is interesting. I myself plan to start it as soon as I finish (do the *#% thumbs)some fingerless mitts. I want to learn how to knit with beads, and this looks like the perfect project.
As always, I love Lucy's pictures, and I cannot figure out why you are not rubbing her tummy either. Did she watch the dog show last week, and did she see how well the corgi did?

If I were you -- which clearly I am not -- I would look for some beads that are as close to the color of the yarn as I could find. Whatever you choose, the scarfy-cowly thing will be fabulous. Cashmere = fabulous.

Thank you for posting not one but TWO photos of the worn carpet. It is nice to know that other people live in houses that are something less than perfect. Keepin' it real, doncha know...

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