easy project and the Boy
up with figs, (a hiatus)

many things make a post

* "I'm just so bored of being lied to by stupid people."

* Space is just so awesome. History is, too.

* I would like to go here please.

* Life in the 90s.

* The passive-aggressiveness of opinions.

* On upspeak.

* Making the hard to grasp easy to grasp.

* Great reporting, amusingly told. Harrowing, too, in its own way.

* Heh. 

* Not heh -- and all too common.


* Want.

* For the theater people -- and anyone else who wants to learn how to work.

* I might make a thousand of these.

* Why we should eat the very rich first: exhibit A, exhibit B.

* Still giggling.

* I'll need to find a physicist, not soon, I hope.

* She was one of my favorite parts, too.


I didn't watch any Olympics, but I kind of hate Mary Corillo as a tennis commentator.

Interesting. Mary Carillo is my favorite commentator.

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