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Two+ things I'd like to draw you attention to:

Thing the First: I'll be speaking/reading/showing off Mary Tudor in Rochester, NY, on April 3. The event is at 12:15 and totally free -- but you ought to register just so that the Penfield Rec. Center has a rough idea of how many chairs they might need. Let's make them haul out ALL the chairs they have! Or something like that.

Thing the Second: I am still happily collecting donations for Postpartum Progress in honor of my upcoming half-marathon. To those of you who have tossed some cash at me, thanks. It really means a lot. Let's see if we can drown them in money. I can think of worse fates. 

Thing the Second-and-a-half: I should be in the 'burgh on May 3, which is the day before the race. Should we try to arrange some sort of low-key meet up? 

Finally, the knitting:


Every time I see Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden on sale I buy as much as I can so that I can make one of these scarfs when I don't want to think too hard about what I want to knit. They never fail to satisfy. Plus, the finished scarf can go in the long-term planning box for later. I'm two balls in* and still smitten with the color, even that disappointing patch in the middle where the values are two similar to stripe. Such is Noro.

Finally, finally, a gratuitous corgi:


who, as usual, wondered why I was taking a picture of knitting when I could be rubbing her belly.


* that's what she said.


Realize the expo for PGH is huge. I am not sure, in all the races I've run, if I have been to a larger one. I have trouble finding my kids - all adults - once we separate here. Wish I were running PGH again this year. Will be the first time in two years I haven't.

I was thinking, maybe, a meet-up at a nearby Primantis rather than the Expo. I don't even want to go into the melee to pick up my packet, much less have a conversation. Sorry you won't be there.

I like where the colors merge. It's like shadow and light on the scarf. Or is that actually shadow and light?

Not actually shadow and light - just the colors in the scarf. :)

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