in honor of the day
up with figs, (a hiatus)

many things make a post

* 50 Shades of Dave Barry.

* Anyone who has interacted with graphic designers has wondered about this.

* Thanks to the summer I spent working in my college's library, I know how to do this -- and did it for hours at a time. I also know how to repair library books, which, like calculus, has never come up in my adult life.

* A great idea and so well written

* True costs.

* (Mostly) wonderful advice for newbie runners.

* I miss Vonnegut so much. 

* The South will never rise again.

* AIEEEE! Take my money.

* I just ... sigh.

* Even Churchill thought that orange kitties are the best kitties.

* If WWI were a bar fight.


It's only a couple of tiny rooms, but don't miss the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library if you are ever in Indianapolis with some time to spare.

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