may I have spring, please?
up with figs, (a hiatus)

many things make a post

* I am happy to see that my unwillingness to get too involved with the kids' homework has been scientifically proven to be best for them. I like it when research supports my laziness. (Also from the Atlantic.)

* Casseroles are also my religion.

 * I kinda love this story -- and it takes place just down the road from me.

* For your inner MacGuyver.

* A story about artisinal toast that isn't actually about artisinal toast but about so much more.

* Word

* LInda Holmes is right. These are very silly.

* In case you have some extra time that you want to say goodbye to.

* Advice you can really use.


Squee! an Infocom game.

Right? I keep dying, tho.

The 21 Tips List came in handy today. For the past 2 months my depression was under control due largely to changing my food. Today was a bad day - just a bad day. I don't and won't need to turn it into a bad marathon of days. I knew this depression was triggered by severe hip pain. I'm feeling better now, thanks!

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