up with figs, (a hiatus)
qotd, space edition

magical mail

First, a gratuitous corgi, who is keeping her eye on the Boy's room:


Sometimes, if you have lived a good and honest life (or, even better, an interesting one where you cavorted with artists and rounders), you get fabulous envelopes in the mail. Like this one, whose outsides are even pretty:


See? But inside there are greater wonders....


Like, a pamphlet that leads to greater joy and use of the word "pilcrow."


Like this vial of what I'm assuming is vampire ash. (I also suspect it's explained in the actual text, which I've only dipped in and out of but haven't full read because I keep getting distracted by vials and other tangible objects.)


A real poker chip.


A chunk of film (and the use of "Savlov" as a verb, of which I approve.)


And what appears to be a baggie full of hair, which will be fun to explain to any CSI crews that should happen to drop by.

Can't wait to really dive in.

(And if you'd like an equally strange and wonderful envelope (there are many more wonders than I've documented), write to BRNNR at the return address above. Tell him, "the woodbeak trills through the new-mown thistles." He'll have no idea why you've written that, mind, but please do it anyway.)


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