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many things make a post

* Listen to Mike.

* What's under your skirt?

* I do believe this guy, mostly because our corgi's emergency recall sound is one of us yelling "Helllllllo" like the Queen of England. We didn't train this. We discovered it by accident. Weird, stubby dogs.

* How many stories can you find in these?

* My frequent co-conspirator Lisa's Dad just passed. She wrote this about him and it is lovely.

* Too Many Notes.

* One of my favorite student evaluations remains, "Needs to be taller and have longer hair."

* Related.

* Also related -- and I had no idea that the problem was this bad.

* I did, however, know how bad it was for women who dare criticise certain things.

* Truth.

* #5 is something I can imagine our letter carrier doing.

* How to spot bad science.


Stella's recall word is chicken. Of course, you have to be holding a piece of dried chicken for it to work. The other day the dude wakes me up. "Stella escaped." I grab a chicken and a leash and stand in my front yard in my pajamas yelling, "Stella, chicken." She had chased something into the neighbor's yard and was easily captured, but "Hello" sounds like a much better recall word. :)

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