shameless self-promotion, 395 in a series
saddle up

many things make a post

* Calling it like it is.

* We didn't live far from here when we lived in Knoxville. Science isn't pretty -- but so needed.

* Speaking of -- another foot.

* My children have resembled these.

* The charm of elephant seals.

* I still think "Sleepwalker" needs a sweater.

* Science isn't pretty -- and it can be hard to figure out what you've figured out.

* Signs made better by people.

* A good use for potholes

* Turnspit dogs.


I thought that turnspit piece was fascinating (also a little horrifying).

One of my favorites:

Ditto on the turnspit piece. And I love Portland. It's the gator that makes it.

Thank you for making them open in a new window!!!!

You are more than welcome. It's something I'd been meaning to do but kept forgetting about.

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