poor puppers
there's no time. I'll sum up.

many things make a post (a day late)

I had to make a quickie run down to Toms River, NJ, and back (more on that later) and lost track of the day. So a day late:

* Learning Lear, in which John Lithgow write about learning Lear.

* Snerk.

* A capella science.

* Hey! I went to college with this guy!

* Eat like a serf?

* Yes. Yes you were wrong to blame her.

* Do you know what it means?

* Our 20th (!) wedding anniversary is today. If I'd planned better, I would have gotten these

* Mike has been posting some Civil War ephemera he found. The last in the series is here

* Don't cross the streams.

* Snerk (2).


I love the comments from people who FINALLY realize that when kids are in day care away from their homes, the house does not get trashed during the day. At home parents and kids USE the house ALL DAY LONG. And it get trashed all day.

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