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up with figs, (a hiatus)

(Because of a variety of circumstances, Lisa and I are taking a Figs break. But! For those who just started reading the blog, I'm going to reach deep into the wayback machine and toss up some old Figs for your enjoyment.)


The problem, Norbert now realized, wasn’t finding the key. He’d always had it, tucked away in his gran’s potting shed, back behind the pile of peat moss. The key had long been his and he knew it. 

No, Norbert thought, it isn’t about the key. It’s about maintaining one’s enthusiasm for trying your key in all of these darn doors in the hopes that one day your key will work.


Text ©Adrienne Martini; illustration ©Lisa Horstman. Until the end of time. Or something.

many things make a post

* I've been doing this around the house.

* Food for thought: Part 1** and Part 2.

* #11 FTW.

* Since the Supreme Court is so concerned about my uterus, maybe I should send them one of their own. Plus it glows in the dark!

* More on the Lowest Difficulty Setting.

* My life's motto.

* Climate Change shows up in your kidneys.

* Misplaced priorities.

* Even if you think Lance Armstrong is a dick, which I do, this article is magnificent.


* The hardest part of teaching.

* In case you've wondered.


** Addendum: one of the smartest things I ever did was ask the big kahuna of the alt weekly I worked for for the unvarnished truth about my writing and editing. The feedback he gave both flattered and angered me -- and was exactly what I needed to hear.

when the going gets tough ...

... the tough go visit friends in Southern New Jersey.

Actually, things haven't been terribly tough. It just seemed like a good idea, mostly because everyone -- kids, grown-ups -- get along pretty well. 

This year, we brought HRH Lucy with us, too, so she could meet SASHA!, the chillest dog ever.


This was after a long romp in the yard.

The kids spent their time leaping from pool to Xbox, which The Boy declared good.


We forced them on outings, like to Wheaton Arts. There was a yarn bomb, natch.


We also watched the glass-blowers. I find glass making to be hypnotic. The kids?


Not so much. 

Other outings were more of a success, like Ocean City, NJ.


They like their sea grass very regimented in Ocean City, NJ.*



And it is where the slices require four paper plates.


(Kid arm for scale.)

The adults had some fun, too, and engaged in an epic Cards Against Humanity game.

IMG_0098 IMG_0099

And on our way home, we made a quick stop in Philly, where we hooked up with knitter friend Anj and some water ice from John's, a local institution.


HRH Lucy is slowly recovering from five days of fun. 


She has spent the last 18 hours or so in some variation of this pose. I take this as a sign of success.

* Yes, I'm pretty sure this is part of the post-Sandy recovery. Still, it's amusing to picture the city planners as highly anal-retentive Germans.

qotd, bored

“That's right,' she told the girls. 'You are bored. And I'm going to let you in on a little secret about life. You think it's boring now? Well, it only gets more boring. The sooner you learn it's on you to make life interesting, the better off you'll be.”

-- Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple, which I really wish I'd written. So good.

up with figs, (a hiatus)

(Because of a variety of circumstances, Lisa and I are taking a Figs break. But! For those who just started reading the blog, I'm going to reach deep into the wayback machine and toss up some old Figs for your enjoyment.)


Lately the dog has taken to jumping and snapping at any insect that flies near her. It’s hysterical, really, watching a corgi launch from stumpy legs at a horsefly.

It’s surprising how many bugs she catches. I mean, she’s not a danger to the local population. But any number of successes above zero is a win, when you’re only a foot off of the ground. 

Her face is what gets me. It’s a mix of delight and what-the-hell-is-in-my-mouth-and-would-it-be-cool-to-spit-it-out. It’s an expression I know well.

Text ©Adrienne Martini; illustration ©Lisa Horstman. Until the end of time. Or something.

many things make a post

* Beware the Undertow.

* Data is beautiful. And terrifying. (Go to the full interactive.)

* More data, this time demonstrated with wool.

* When you are going to be arrested, bring your knitting.

* Moms just can't win. (And, imo, are foolish to even think it is a win-lose game -- but that has little to do with the linked essay.)

* May I have a Pallas's Cat please?

* Or one of these in the backyard?

* Or one of these on my nightstand?

* In other news, water is also wet.

* I love you, German.

* Believe it or not, I wondered just the other day if leprosy still existed.

* Truth.

* Interesting on its own -- but even more interesting if you've spent time in Meadville, PA.

* "Two cows" is one of those ideas that makes the rounds every now and again. This version cracked me up, tho.

* snerk.


sally fourth

This weekend, we did what people do in our neck of the woods, which is wander down to the park on the 4th and mingle. 


The kids played and, miracle of miracles, got along for most of the morning.


Lucy had a fine time snorfling around for treats. And passers-by had a fine time squealing about how cute she is. 


We didn't lose anyone. And, no, I'm not 100 percent certain why Oneonta, NY, has a replica of the Statue of Liberty in the park.

We didn't stick around for fireworks, mostly because the kids can see them from their bedrooms anyway. And the dog was just beside herself from all of the noise.


(Seriously. This picture was taken at the height of the explosions.)

gratuitous corgi

This is how Lucy is copes with the heat: 


For the past few days, she simply wanders until she finds the perfect spots where both window AC unit and fan intersect. Whichever one is closest to her people, that is where she will be. It's hard out here for a corg.

many things make a post

* Science!

* Oh, Gwyneth.

* Note how Appalachia ranks. Are you surprised?

* A Billion for Boris was one of my favorite books -- and I had no idea about her theater work.

* All of these are true. And, indeed, surprising.

* Standards of beauty.

* Frog pants.

* The school I teach for has a plan in place but, still, a lot of the burden falls on the instructor, most of whom have zero training to handle mental health problems. I've been in this sort of situation and it is scary and isolating.


* Again -- your clothes might kill you.

* The key to parenthood is figuring out who the experts are.

* On tattoos, athletes, and women of a certain age.

* If you are as ticked off about the recent Hobby Lobby ruling as I am, this list might be of use. Also: Planned Parenthood and NARAL would be fabulous places to donate some dollars. Above all else, VOTE.