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poor puppers

I took the dog to the vet a few weeks ago for her yearly check-up and shots. As they do in these parts, they also drew blood to check for Lyme disease. I didn't think much of it because Lucy had been behaving more or less like a two-year old corgi should, which is mostly the best dog ever and an occasional sock-stealing ratfink.

Turns out, she also has Lyme. The vet took a wait and see approach; if she stays asymptomatic, no need to worry. But last week that changed. She developed a limp, then exhibited the "walking on eggshells" symptoms. She stopped eating. In general, she was not a happy pup.


And so antibiotics are on the menu. So far, so good. Pilling a dog is sooooo much easier than pilling a cat. Lucy seems to be feeling better. She has been an extra snuggly pooch, though.


Aww, poor pup. I hope the antibiotics fix her right up.

Oh, Muffin. I hope the antibiotics sort her out quickly. (With you on the Ease Of Pilling A Dog. I could wrap arsenic in a piece of bread and my boys would snarf it down.)

Poor baby! We have a two-year-old corgi as well, and I love all of your Lucy pics and updates (other than this one!). I will be thinking of her, and you. Hope she feels better soon.

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