many things make a post (a day late)
qotd, Paula Deen

there's no time. I'll sum up.

On Monday I drove down to exit 67A of the Garden State Parkway* to pick up my mother and this guy.


His name is Denny. He and Lucy** have gotten on like a house a'fire. Every waking moment has been full of playing and leaping. Both dogs are covered in drool.*** It is doggy heaven. 

My mom, as some might recall, doesn't live in New Jersey. A Floridian friend of hers drives up every year to visit with her daughter in the Bruce Springsteen state and mom hitched a ride. She'll be here for two weeks, then we'll do the whole thing in reverse. 

It's nice to have both her and Denny here -- but the house is a little bit more chaotic than usual and covered in twice as much dog hair. It's only a matter of time before OSHA shuts us down.


* As I mentioned on Facebook, the Garden State Parkway sucks donkey balls. I'm not sure how long it will take to get my shoulders to unknot from driving 80 miles per hour in bumper to bumper traffic while still being passed like I'm stationary. 

** She's feeling a little bit better, by the way. Still limping and prone to just passing out from exhaustion but better. Thanks for the well wishes.

*** Denny also has amorous intentions toward Our Lucy, even though he lacks the necessary puppy making equipment. She's tolerating it but smacks him down when she has had enough. 


I am so glad Lucy seems to be doing well, and that she has a playmate. Is Denny yours, and what breed is he? Looks like he might be a Scottie. I have two Westies, and they are splendid dogs. Please give Lucy a little pat for me--I just love her and I love it when you post pictures of her.

If OSHA shut down homes with dog hair I'da been on the street by now! Dog love is so great. See you SOOOOON!

Denny is not my dog and will return with Mom. He's a cutie -- but one dog, two cats, and two kids is enough right now. Mom was told he's a pomeranian. I have doubts.

He usually has a big ol' coat of black fur but this is his summer 'do.

I used to work in NJ and even the people who drove on the GSP daily loathed and feared it. When we went out to lunch, there was always a debate over who we could trust to drive on the GSP without getting us all killed. It was usually someone who grew up in NJ because it takes a lifetime to stop fearing that freaking highway.

We just got back from Epic Road Trip #5. We went 100 miles out of our way to avoid the NJ turnpike ($30tolls) and road into NYC on the way from NC to Mass. Ended up driving all night but we saw a bear at a gas station dumpster diving for dunkin donuts (natural habitat you know) so it was worth the detour.

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