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when the going gets tough ...

... the tough go visit friends in Southern New Jersey.

Actually, things haven't been terribly tough. It just seemed like a good idea, mostly because everyone -- kids, grown-ups -- get along pretty well. 

This year, we brought HRH Lucy with us, too, so she could meet SASHA!, the chillest dog ever.


This was after a long romp in the yard.

The kids spent their time leaping from pool to Xbox, which The Boy declared good.


We forced them on outings, like to Wheaton Arts. There was a yarn bomb, natch.


We also watched the glass-blowers. I find glass making to be hypnotic. The kids?


Not so much. 

Other outings were more of a success, like Ocean City, NJ.


They like their sea grass very regimented in Ocean City, NJ.*



And it is where the slices require four paper plates.


(Kid arm for scale.)

The adults had some fun, too, and engaged in an epic Cards Against Humanity game.

IMG_0098 IMG_0099

And on our way home, we made a quick stop in Philly, where we hooked up with knitter friend Anj and some water ice from John's, a local institution.


HRH Lucy is slowly recovering from five days of fun. 


She has spent the last 18 hours or so in some variation of this pose. I take this as a sign of success.

* Yes, I'm pretty sure this is part of the post-Sandy recovery. Still, it's amusing to picture the city planners as highly anal-retentive Germans.


So lovely to see you and meet HRH Lucy. Give the kids a hug for me.

Was really terrific to hang with you guys and show you around. And I'm gratified that Sasha and Lucy got along as well as the rest of us do.

Looooove Cards Against Humanity! The first time I played it was with my brand-new husband, his brothers, and a friend of one of the brothers. The winning one made us all laugh so hard that no one could read it aloud! Great times :)

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