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many things make a post

* Parenting Do-overs.

* Wisdom from Lev Grossman.

* Knitting can also wax your car. (Not really. That I know of.)

* How many times

* This has been all over the place but it's still amusing. Also: I would do this if I lived in a city that more closely resembled a grid.


* Books make you do things.

* How to write about something you don't like.

* I have an exquisitely cultivated inner garden. (Related.)

* I have no words about Robin Williams' death. None. It could have been me. It could have been anyone who has been depressed. Being a celebrity doesn't make it any easier. Here's a little bit about what it's like.

* It's like the Jetsons up in here.


Side note: have you seen the first episode of the new season of the Great British Bake Off?

I fear the move to BBC One has made it feel differently, but it could just be me, high on last minute syllabus writing.

I have seen it. I'm not sure I could tell a difference between this season and last. I do know that the show is a textbook example of how the chemistry of the hosts can make a series great.

I also watched the Extra Slice thingy. Not sold yet.

Thank you for that last link: I loved it, and love to find another good blog to read. Perspectacles!

Oh man, what an excellent BuzzFeed about about what depression is like. Thank you!

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