conference pictures aren't exciting
and the rest of them

more snaps and some shameless promo

First: the shameless self-promotion -- this week's mother runner column is up. Yes, I am talking about the trip. And potatoes.

Second: I'm back in London. One more day, then I shall fly home again. While I love being here, I'm ready to get back to my actual life (and actual bed). Today is for nothing more strenuous than a trip to the V and A. I've been looking forward to it all trip, frankly. Love the V and A.

So some pictures from yesterday's trip back from Cambridge.


Oh my.


Cambridge market. I may have bought a bag.


I didn't buy strawberries, although they smelled divine.


King's College. I might have spent all of my free cash on a purse so I didn't take the tour. 


I did make a pilgrimage to Liberty. It's best that I only had a few minutes to look around. I could spend days in there.


Finally - the Brits (or maybe the French) are really kicking our heiners when it comes to chocolate. So good.


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