selfie day! (plus shameless promo)
conference pictures aren't exciting

on to cambridge, with no punting

The morning started strangely, with one really aggravated young guy trying to pick a fight with all of the other guys near him on the train. What made it strange is how infrequently this sort of thing happens, not just in the UK but in the US as well. What was amazing, however, is that none of the other young men on the train took him up on the fight and, instead, tried to talk this hyped-up kid down. Calmly. With no yelling. Remarkable, really. 

Oh - and is it telling that my first thought was that I was happy that there was no way he could be armed? 

The day improved after that. I made it to King's Cross:


and to Cambridge.


(Dunno who the gentleman is. Sorry.)

And then to the B&B where I had a cup of tea and some biscuits because I am absolutely exhausted.


Suitably revived, I went for a wander.


Damn scenic.


These were on the Midsummer Common.


Apparently, it's a thing



I couldn't resist a selfie on the Cam.



And, as is my habit, I was distracted by a sticker.


What does this mean? Dunno - but I like it.

Tomorrow - or, rather, today, by the time you read this - is the conference. I'll let you know how it goes. Unless I manage to get run over on the walk to the campus because I my muscle memory keeps making me look the wrong way for oncoming traffic. I reckon I'll have those muscles rewired just about the time I have to pack up for home.



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