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qotd, how to like yourself

"Before leaving for Saskatoon, I had asked Runner's World Chief Running Officer Bart Yasso for some tips on hosting a successful marathon. He agreed to meet me as long as I agreed to show up an hour early so we could get a run in. By the time we sat down to eat lunch, we had already learned everything we wanted to know about each other. As the food arrived, I told Bart I was glad we ran first, but told him I wasn't expecting it. I asked him why he suggested we do so. 'I like myself better after a run,' he said."

- Marc Parent in Runner's World, September 2014.

And, for more running, Martini Friday is up!

another country heard from

One more big push so that I can get on a big jet airliner on Friday. Which means I don't have much brain left to say anything of great import. Which implies that I usually say things of great import. Which might be overstating the case.


This is our cat Barney. He's not overly fond of people. 


He also thinks he is a jungle cat. Who am I to tell him otherwise?

many things make a post

* Parenting Do-overs.

* Wisdom from Lev Grossman.

* Knitting can also wax your car. (Not really. That I know of.)

* How many times

* This has been all over the place but it's still amusing. Also: I would do this if I lived in a city that more closely resembled a grid.


* Books make you do things.

* How to write about something you don't like.

* I have an exquisitely cultivated inner garden. (Related.)

* I have no words about Robin Williams' death. None. It could have been me. It could have been anyone who has been depressed. Being a celebrity doesn't make it any easier. Here's a little bit about what it's like.

* It's like the Jetsons up in here.


Today's plan involves Getting Back On Top of Things, which means that I've been doing a lot of staring at my desktop and wondering how it all got so out of control. While I bail --

I had the honor of interviewing (via email) Bev for this piece. She and her crew are doing needed but rough work. Please keep them in your thoughts.

qotd, Paula Deen

"I will confess to my own classism when it comes to Paula, because those weird blue contacts and that cloying accent and all those diamond rings on her fingers while she's kneading dough got on my nerves long before she -- well, pick a transgression. But it must be said that she is not her own best advocate. At the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, she did a demo on the Today show during which she made so many raunchy jokes about 'chicken balls,' the name of the dish she was cooking, that Al Roker finally said, 'set your watches; that's where it all went wrong.'"

-- Julia Reed in, you guessed it, Garden and Gun, which captures all that I love about the South. And there is a lot to love. 

Also: Martini Friday is live. Don't click the link if you don't want to hear about my uterus.