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selfie day! (plus shameless promo)

No "many things" today. Since I've been forced out of my dark cave and out, blinking, into the world, I haven't been spending much time in front of my computer. So, instead, a shameless promo and some snaps.

First: my issue with names, from the local almost daily. 

Second: I decided yesterday was selfie day. Who doesn't love selfie day?

Here's me on my way to the convention center to help woman the Locus table at LonCon. This is at the transfer from the DLR to the Jubliee Line so that I can transfer back onto a different part of the DLR. The DLR is cool but not at all linear.


This part of the city reminds me of Manhattan, specifically Wall Street. Same kind of white collar, big money vibe. Plus, most of the buildings are relatively new. Well, new for London, which means less than 150 years old.


Me on the Emirates Airline Cable Car, which gives you a scenic view of the East End. Great fun and something I could never do if the Boy were with me. The height would have freaked him right the heck out. Oh - and my pictures were crap because it was rainy. Take my word for how interesting the scenery was.

I had time to give Greenwich Park a good wander, before I had to head back to the hotel to finish up on the paper I'm presenting on Wednesday. 


Me and King William IV. He's the tall one.

The view from just below the Royal Observatory, where I sat to drink a coffee. As views go, it didn't suck. What I also found fascinating is that most of the dogs being walked in the park were off-leash. And I was accosted by a Yorkie, who I wish I'd managed to get a picture of.


There's also a rose garden. I didn't stick my face next to the blooms because their beauty made mine look so slight. I did stick my face next to them, though, to absorb the lush smell.



Last: this is definitely in the running for Favorite Bar Name. 


(Sadly, the bar itself did not live up to its name and I didn't stick around. I wound up a bistro, which was good but not awesome.)

By the time you read this, I should be on a train to Cambridge. I hope dementors aren't wandering the cars. Cambridge and Hogwarts are the same, right?


You know, the more gray hair, the more you look like Mamma Lane.

If you are near the George - Shakespeare's local - have one for me.

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