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After many hours on planes, trains, and in automobiles, I am in London. My brain, however, is still on Eastern time, which hasn't been helped by the whole hour of sleep I managed on the flight over. I'll catch up eventually, tho, at which point it'll be time to head home. Same as it ever was.


In my bleary haze on Saturday, I managed a stroll about Greenwich, which is where I'm staying until Tuesday. I found one of the book benches completely by accident. This one is celebrating On the Origin of the Species. I wandered until I got to weary. Didn't make it up to the Prime Meridian but have planned another jaunt for later.


Makes me giggle every. dang. time. 

Then, randomly, I stumbled on another another book bench.


Can you guess what it's honoring? It's one of my favorite books.



To be honest, if I'd set out looking for the benches, I doubt I would have found them. Which is fine, because stumbling upon them was more fun.

There was a big football match that late afternoon. Bars were offering specials like this:


I ws tempted to go in and order a "jug of cocktail" but decided that would be unwise, even if ripe for unintended comedy. Instead, I wandered into a nearby hole-in-wall Indian place and brought this back to my hotel room:


When I walked in, the owner/waiter and I had a chat about the menu. He told me what I should have so I don't really know exactly what this is. What I know is that there is Naan and that the curry has pistachios and coconut milk. What I also know is that it was sooooo good and exactly what I needed. Love it when that works out. 

I spent today at Loncon helping staff the Locus vendor table. 


Robert Silverberg and Gail Carriger just stopped by. Just because. 

I also saw this: 


What you can't tell from the picture is that it also played luau music as it rolled Dalekly past. How do you say "exterminate" in Hawaiian?

And another book guessing game from the exhibits hall -- can you guess what this artifact is honoring?




It's another one of my all-time favorite books.

I've spent most of the day pining for the rest of the family and feeling guilty. While I know I should enjoy the experience for what it is, well, I'm having some problems getting on top of wishing they were here, too. Or maybe that's just the jet lag talking. It's always something, eh?


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