qotd + counting is hard
many things make a post

coughs in your general direction

Because my beloved children love me, they gave me a cold. Not sure which beloved child is the true culprit but am certain that I am sick. Feh. This has been one heck of a late summer/early fall. 

On the upside, I realized that I can't remember the last time I had a cold. So there's that. Downside is, of course, that I feel like poo.

In one of my snot-filled hazes this weekend, I snapped this picture with my phone. Sometimes, you just get lucky.


Lordy I love that kid. And that dog. And the other kid, who was somewhere else in the house doing who knows what.

Lastly -- if you are local and want to (yarn) bomb something, plans are afoot at Hartwick.... 


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