it's a mystery
up with figs, sticky hand

many things make a post

* Let me again state my love for Nickel Creek.

* Funnies for runners: First one, second one.

* It's like Scary Mommy is in my house.

* This would be useful.

* Regretting motherhood: a conversation we never have.

* And this is why I love John Oliver.

* This might be funnier if you've spent time with MFA students.

* "My toddler has a diverse palate."

* My new favorite commercial.

* Save the muffatee!

* Birth control as a weapon. Related, sorta.


I nearly peed my pants laughing over the "my toddler has a diverse palate link"! If only I had that special corset breast pump cover maybe I could have pumped hands free....think of all the multitasking I missed out on!

For those who want more of the regretting motherhood stuff: Mother Love/Mother Hate (which is really about ambivalence) by Roszika Parker. Also, my dissertation but that's much less interesting.

The Quiverfull thing man, wow. Good for her.

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