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John Scalzi is a writer whose work I've long enjoyed. Over the years, we've had a ships-crossing-in-the-night relationship. We've chit-chatted at various SF/F conferences. I've sent my books to him, which he has been kind enough to talk up, even though they might not fit his usual audience. Our relationship has become one where I email him every now and again about various things publishing related and/or give him crap about making it seem so easy and he replies kindly and/or snarkily. Like you do.

When I saw that he was coming to Northshire Books in Saratoga Spring, I decided to take a road trip, even though it was a school night.


Selfie with Scalzi and I in the bookstore's breakroom, where we had a chance to catch up before his reading.  

'twas a good time, if not quite long enough, which is sorta the same as it ever was. Then he went and did his famous author thing.


Which always includes a shot of the crowd. I stuck around for a bit, then hit the road because, you know, school night.


A word or two about Northshire -- the fact that this stone plaque is just outside the front door tells you all you might need to know about the place within. Let me add, however, it is even better than you could image. Great place. Go if you can.

Finally, this picture is completely unrelated but just happened to be on my phone and needs to be seen by other people just so that I can prove that it exists:


(click to make it bigger and legible.)

So, um, "melodic beverages inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey" is a thing now? We're doing this? 


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