hulk hands
up with figs, put a wig on it

many things make a post

* I kinda want one. Maybe a little 13.1 somewhere in ths style?

* For the Bujold people.

* Jerks. Just jerks all the way down.

* Bless your heart, Lululemon.

* We are what we shoot.

* Eventually, I will manage to read all of this. Until then, what I've read has been fascinating.  

* I'm glad I'm not the only one who has wondered.

* Snerk.

* Let me again state my love for hotel rooms.

* Nature!

* What Jen said.

* Taking a joke too far? Or just far enough?


I love the januty, hand on the hip pose in the last 2 targets. I realize it's supposed to look like the bad guy is reaching for a gun, but to me it looks like the bad guy is relaxing at a bar.

Thanks for the link!

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