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Late, late, late on Monday, the Tween made it back from her adventure in Peru. We have managed in ther intervening days to do her laundry. Pictures are still on her camera, though, and will have to wait until the weekend to really sort through. 

Until then, what we know:


Few things are cuter than a souvenir llama wearing a souvenir wee silly hat. Also: Lucy would really, really, really like to chew on the souvenir llama.


It's always best to give your brother a gift that covers his entire face and, incidentally, unnerves the rest of us.

I didn't take a picture of the (now dead) beetle that hitched a ride in her luggage. Take it as read.

The stories we've heard so far involve a giant roach "as big as my hand!" that wanted to play Monopolio* with them one night, being licked by a rescued tapir, and how all of the Peruvian men hit on the female college students in the group. More stories, I'm sure, will spill out once we get the chance to look at her photos together. 


* the Spanish knock-off of Monopoly.


Because I know the kids would want me to say it ....


El Diablo or Peruvian Guy Fawkes souvenir mask? You decide.

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