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many things make a post

* I kind of wish my university was sending out this story rather than the "ebola preparedness update" I just got. Which one is more likely to help our community? (And, um, the linked story is full of assault triggers, fyi.)

* All of this.

* My special place.

* "Stop asking me dumb questions, Wendi."

* The other mother.

* Oh, babies.

* What working at Metro Pulse was like, back in the day.

* Every kid is that kid.

* Dooce. I can't even.

* De-skilling the arts. I get the writer's ambivalence. CAD, etc, is remarkable. But there is something about knowing how to cut straight and drive nails.

* Free-range with no regrets.

* Michael Lewis on Billionaires.

* #4.


OMG, that Scary Mommy piece. The most hilarious thing anyone ever said to me was, "My life isn't going to be all about the baby after he's born. My mother's coming to help. I can totally do a project a month after the baby's born."

Right? I did the same thing before I had my first. Then reality hit hard.

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