up with figs, the horror

and we trimmed it

One of the advantages to the kids having an early dismissal on Tuesday was that we finally managed to get some ornaments on the tree.


The Boy, with a photo bomb by his sister. Seriously. That's what she yelled before she jumped in.


The sister in question, looking impish.

This year I took the time to hang my one string of bubble lights on the tree. I'd forgotten how happy they make me.


Also making me happy is this ornament, which I picked up during my London trip.


Actually, I'm really just happy I remembered I had it.

As for the actual corgi, well, she doesn't find decorating the tree terribly interesting...


... and spent the entire time like this. Of course, she'd also spent part of the day at the groomer's place, which is exhausting. I could make a pun here about both tree and dog being trimmed but, well ...


The corgi ornament is adorable. As is, of course, the actual corgi.

Every year our vacation is a big driving trip across the US. We buy keychains from the places we see as souvenirs. Other people collect spoons, this is our thing. When we get home we display them on a jewelry tree I bought at Target a couple of years ago. When the Christmas tree goes up the keychains go on it and then get packed away for next year's tree. It's a fun way to display and enjoy the keychains the year we get them and to remember their trips the following years. Every year I say this is what the kids will fight over when we die. And I love the corgi ornament.

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