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attempting the holly and the jolly

Scott and I are not lovers of Christmas. Some of this stems from our general curmudgeonly souls. The bulk of it springs from seasons upon seasons working in various theaters. The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, and Best Christmas Pageant Ever lose their luster when you've seen them six shows a week for the better part of two decades. Add to that all of the seasons I worked in various retail outlets and, well, we'd just as soon not deck any halls. 

We're not anti-festive mind; just that we both seem inclined to not create our own holiday joy. Still, we do the annual tree hunt because it brings us tons of family fun.*


Not that you could tell that we're having family fun based on this picture. You're just going to have to trust me.


The Boy and his branch, which he later used to whack his sister on the back on shoulders repeatedly. Because sister.


The Boy did approve of the tree we wound up with, even though it was far too large to hit anyone with.

Said tree is now in our house, awaiting lights and ornaments, most of which will then be knocked off of the tree by one of the cats. Because cats.

* I also take great joy in sending and receiving cards. 


We have considered that this may be our last year for a real evergreen tree, but we acknowledge how much we'd miss the annual tree-selecting outing. Family fun, indeed.

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