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The hazard of having a dog who is low to the ground is this:


There's maybe one week per year when her belly isn't a giant magnet for all manner of mud, grit, and grime. To say nothing of the snowballs she develops when there is any significant accumulation.


Still, this face makes up for a lot. But, man, so much dirt.


I just had to wipe our corgi's belly yesterday before she went to jump on the couch and she was filthy! They are the best though...they are the original low rider.

I tell everyone that will listen that one of the biggest benefits of living in Florida after being an Ohio resident for thirty years is that I don't have to wipe mud off of dog paws and bellies! There's no dirt here! It's sand! I used to have to pretty much bathe our two Labs nightly when we were in Ohio. It was a nightmare.

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