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As happens every year, I have close-to-zero holiday spirit. And as happens every year, I find little pockets of it in places where I wasn't looking. 

Like on Sunday. It was a nutty day, with an extended morning trip to our UU church, followed by a speedy lunch and a trip to the mall to get the Tween some boots, and an even speedier vacuuming of the downstairs so that I could make it out the door to the Catskill Chamber Singers' seasonal concert.* 

I went solo and brought some knitting. Worst that happens, I thought, is that I make some progress on a sock during this hour that I've worked so diligently to carve out. Instead, I was delighted.

See - I have a think for Chamber music. Full orchestras confuse me but give me a few voices and/or a quartet and I'm in. Also: this slate of songs was focused on medieval/early Renaissance music**, which is my favorite. Really. I'm all about the Gregorian Chant. Plus (plus!) I knew my favorite Christmas Carol -- the Coventry Carol for those scoring at home*** -- was on the slate. 

Reader: I had chills. So, so good. And so, so worth the craziness trying to get to that point. For such an small and isolated city, we have some pretty amazing singers. It was an hour so well spent and gave me that evanescent holiday glow -- and will definitely be on the agenda next year.


* And when I got home, I finished the vacuuming, made dinner, paid some bills, and baked a rum cake. I feel I deserve applause. 

** My college thesis was about a medieval morality play called The Castle of Perseverance, which requires its producers to dig a moat around the playing space... anyone?

*** Which I was first introduced to by Alison Moyet in the late 1980s.


I don't have a ton of Christmas spirit either, but I do love a good Handel's Messiah singalong.


I'm so glad you found some Christmas spirit. For me also, it's the Hallelujah Chorus singalong.

And ... rum cake!!!

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