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I have been working on a linen stitch scarf for what feels like ten or 11 years.* It is done.


And the twisted fringe, which I spent most of the Superbowl working on.


I love how twisted fringe looks; I find making it beyond tedious. Still! Done. And satisfying.**


I love the subtle tones that developed. The kit is from Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Island, which we visited summer before last when we visited Scott's sister in Seattle. The colors kind of remind me of that day, which was a lovely if oddly fraught one. I'm totally ready to go back, though. 

This is one of those few projects that I knew where it was going before I finished it. And since the recipient reads the blog .... well. Maybe I'll get her to take a picture after it is delivered.


* Six months. Just one of those projects that feels like it will. never. end.

** Snow makes a good background, I guess. We certainly have enough of it. 


It's 100% lovely.

The colors on this.. so soothing, and so beautiful.

Beautiful job Adrienne!

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