sometimes, you try something new
up with figs, sluggo

many things make a post

* People are just really interesting, aren't they?

* FYI.

* Prepare for lots of stew.

* Before children looked like children.

* I happen to know someone who ran a whole marathon with walk intervals. Running isn't just running.

* Opera in the classroom.

* I can't even tell you how much of a case of the giggles this gave me. Or why.

* Couldn't be more true. This also couldn't be more true.

* I'd buy one. And the 95 Theses accessory pack.

* As a parent, suicide scares me more than ebola. Why? Statistics.


I want to get back into running (when the snow clears enough that we have sidewalks again), and then tackle some longer distances than the 3.5 miles I maxed out at the last time. The idea that it's OK to run-walk-run is refreshing.

Statistics on child death are often surprising. So many parents have their priorities so far our of whack with reality.

Also, the more I read about Denmark, the more I want to move there. And the more I fear our exchange student is going to think America is run by and populated with Neanderthals.

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