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"You know, having a baby is not unlike dealing with a death. You’re in shock. You’re not necessarily sitting around sobbing and ripping your clothes all day—you’re just in a weird, wound-up, bizarre-o state that’s totally different from your “normal” life. One minute you’re laughing, the next minute you’re crying. It’s fine, and it’s also horrible, and maybe today is all right and tomorrow is absolutely not, and it takes a lot of time to assimilate the new world order."

-- Elisa Albert on her new book in Slate.

And, marginally unrelated -- If you are a mother and/or a runner and/or interested in such things, I'll be joining Dimity and Sarah for two stops on their world domination tour Tales from Another Mother Runner kick-off tour. RSVP for Andover, Mass., and Syracuse by clicking the links so that we know how much swag we'll need. 


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