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I'm not a shopper. I don't want to spend hours trying stuff on, especially when I've spent an hour getting to the nearest city of any size. For that reason, I tend to buy most of the clothes I wear online,* which means I'm alway leery of trying something new because it's such a pain in the arse to return things.   

Or I make what I wear -- but that's another blog post.

Clothes-wise, I'm in a big ol' rut: jeans, decent shirt, boots. Part of that is because the weather here is ... challenging .... right now. Most of it is that I don't want to be bothered with shopping. Which is why Stitch Fix sounded like fun. 

No, this isn't an ad. I'll put a referral link at the bottom if you're so inclined. Use it if you want. Or don't. No pressure.**

I'd been on the fence about the whole thing for a few months. I finally pulled the trigger after our third week of sub-zero temps. The box arrived over the weekend -- and it was a thrill to see what the stylist picked out. Or, maybe because I'm currently trapped in a frozen tundra, it was a thrill to see anything new and that had a color in it.

So out of five garments, this was the keeper:


Not a great picture but a cute dress that will be great for work.***

There was also a pair of skinny black jeans, about which the less said the better. I have runner thighs that laugh at your skinny jeans. LAUGH.

Then two tops that just didn't do it for me. You can see why:


There's kind of a maternity vibe here, right? Or am I the only one who sees that? And, really, it's a fine sweater, just not right for my combo of boobs and short torso.


Ditto this one. Nothing wrong with it per se -- just not right for me.

I did, however, really like this cardigan:


But I didn't have $70 dollars worth of love for it. 

So, no, most of the items were a miss -- but the process should get better each time as the stylist gets to know how persnickety I am and how oddly shaped. In April, I'll get another box, just for funsies. We take our amusements where we can. And if I get a dress out of the deal, even better.

The link, should you want to give it a whirl (and, again, zero pressure) is right here.


* Eddie Bauer, Boden (if I'm feeling spendy), LL Bean, Garnet Hill. Nothin' crazy.

** There's a reason I'm not in sales.

*** My head won't be in any of these pictures, btw. The hair and make-up team was stuck in a drift somewhere.


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