nuggets of job-based amusement
up with figs, does anyone really know what time it is?

many things make a post

* If you haven't yet seen The Overnighters, you really should. And then you should read this.

* Science!

* Again - this made me laugh more than it probably should have. Ditto this -- but in a different way.

* One of my favorite Story Corps stories.

* A sadly common story. 

* Why one must keep teaching.

* Huh.

* Sounds about right.

* Nope. Not sorry.

* Right in the feels.

* People are interesting.

* I am the mother of dragons.

* The banana bit amused the hell out of me. Been there.

* I had the exact same response to Agent Carter. Max Gladstone articulated it so much better than I could.

* At least the first ingredient wasn't sorrow.


Someone needs to bench focus those microwave rays.

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