on forgetfulness
up with figs, all the presidents' wigs

many things make a post

* If you like Up With Figs (and who doesn't?), Lisa has a new book out. A squirrel is involved.

* For the Type Nerds, a group I happily belong to.

* Further proof that runners are all one bubble out of plumb, bless 'em.

* Related: how to make the time to run, like you keep insisting you are going to do.

* Every single high school student should be given one of these.

* Sarah Hepola on Louis C.K. (only it's not really about Louis C.K. (note: Sarah and I casually knew each other back in the day.))

* Tickle was my first deodorant. Because old.

* I'm shocked. Shocked. (Note: not shocked.)

* #3

* The economics of dog breeds

* I want to go there.

* We don't know what we don't know: potato edition.




Tickle deodorant! My first too - because tweens will but anything colorful.

Ugh ... "Top Comment" on the adjunct article is "No body is forcing them to be adjuncts."

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