earn your cider
up with figs, saint lothario

many things make a post


* We're not already regulating this?

* It's really the last paragraph that tied it all together for me. Still, food for thought. No pun intended.

* Theater Producer (and SUNY Oneonta grad) Hal Luftig on the importance of communication and connection when it comes to any pursuit, on the stage or off of it. Also: his idea about coupon books for designers is genius. (Also: he was just nominated for a TONY!)

* Nope.

* In my next life, I want to be an archivist.

* Number 4. And a Number 4 I want a print of.

* Proof that it is possible for mosquitos to love me more than anyone else I'm near.

* I might need this book. And to see this documentary.

* Related: Madness in History and Spalding Gray.

* Oh, Knoxville.

Minnesotans foil science.


Athleisure. Can people come up with names for new trends that aren't gag-inducing?

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