plus there's cake.
up with figs, let a sleeping cat lie.

many things make a post

* I, too, fail at snack.

* Ready to feel about a 1,000 years old? (Also: I had such a crush on Chris Young. I can't even tell you.)

* Making the tradition what you need it to be.

* Building a better condom -- and why. 

* I, too, am a medicated woman.

* A conversation higher ed is not having, mostly because no one knows what to do about it.

* I have a thing for tiny worlds.

* My God, my eating disorder.

* I will be putting this above my desk.

* An honest college rejection letter.

* On lipstick and eyeliner.

* I don't know whether to hang it or eat it.

* It's the annotations that make it less irritating.


I can hardly find words to say how much I love the "tiny worlds"!!

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