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once more into the fix, my friends

Because I'm still intrigued by the idea of Stitch Fix,* even if my results haven't been 100 percent stellar yet, I signed up for another box o' clothes. 

There was one top that was a "no" from the moment I put it on. 


Which made me sort of sad because it was a top I'd seen on someone else's Stitch Fix Pinterest Board and requested. It's a great top for someone who is not built like me. 


This top was almost perfect for someone built like me -- but I'd have to go up a size to really make it work with my boobs. It went back.


These are the two pieces I kept, even though this isn't the best photo. The sweater is the perfect weight for flinging over more summer-y tops and dresses that I wear to work because my office is always 90 degrees but the outside world is still not-quite-spring. The sweater drapes well and is like a grown-up blankie -- but silkier.**


I also kept this sleeveless top because I have decided that this is the summer I start wearing sleeveless tops, dammit. They look so good on everyone else that I will ignore my Arm Issues*** and get my guns out. We'll see how long this lasts.

And, now, the dress of great controversy:


Cute, right? I almost committed to it but could envision absolutely nowhere I'd wear it, save to an '80s theme night. And if I were to wear it there, I'd definitely need a more supportive bra. The Husband mentioned that my opinion might be skewed by my corgi socks, which we're doing the look any favors:


Still, I was on the fence about keeping it. Really. Didn't pull the trigger, though, and back to Stitch Fix it went. 

Two for 5 isn't bad. Can't wait to see what turns up in two more months.


* Short explanation: After you fill out a questionnaire, you pay Stitch Fix $20 to pull four or five garments that might work for you. Keep what works (and pay for them, natch) and send back the rest. The $20 gets credited to your purchase. If you want more info, click on this link

** Note: it's not silk, unless silk is now made entirely through industrial processes. But it feels silky, which is what counts.

*** Don't get me started.


You are a braver woman than I when it comes to the Arm Issues. But I say, go on with your bad self. Also, I have a sweater very much like this one, and I can vouch for its extreme usefulness. It has a way of classing up very mundane outfits, too, which is nice.

I like the sweater/blouse combo you chose, and the color of the almost-but-not quite shirt is great. Do you find the boxes getting better as you go on?

I'm glad I'm not the only one with Arm Issues. And the sweater has been surprisingly useful so far.

The boxes have been improving as we go on, which has also been surprising. The stylist is really paying attention.

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