up with figs, does anyone really know what time it is?
plus there's cake.

qotd, home discoveries + shameless self promotion

"I have a recurring dream, and when I have it I'm always so happy: I'm in a house and I discover a room of the house that I didn't know was there. It's a good dream. It's a glorious feeling. I feel that way about work, when you find another area beyond an area. It's very satisfying -- comedically, dramatically. That's what I live for, to be honest."

-- Julia Louis-Dreyfus in this week's Entertainment Weekly. I bring it up because I have that exact same recurring dream, too, although I find it slightly more unsettling than she does. This may be the one thing we have in common. Well, that and decidedly unruly hair. 

Plus! The lovely Tanis Gray  talked to yrs trly about Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously. I am honored and thrilled. Thanks, Tanis!


I have that dream too! Made me think of this http://xkcd.com/719/. Also, I have the driving from the backseat dream.

Excellent interview! I really enjoy watching TG on Knitting Daily TV.

I had a similar dream about a house once, too, not recurring as far as I can recall. The surprise room of my dream house, however, was filled with many Halloween costumes on hangers on a rack - like in a department store or backstage in a theater - and they didn't seem to the be the right size for my kids or anyone else in our family. Maybe this "house dream" thing is to women caring for children (or mature women - meaning grown-up, not old) what test anxiety dreams, where you forgot to go to class or study before the final, are to students and young adults. My dream had both unsettling and comforting elements, which is unusual for me, and was one of very few dreams that I remember and think about many years after I dreamt it.

Oh, and I loved your interview. Kudos to both you and Ms Gray!

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