scenes from a weekend
turn, turn, turn

many things make a post

* Scalzi again: how to raise strong women. Related.

* The science of scarcity.

* The insurance adjuster of Sodor.

* Two on Mother's Day: from the Yarn Harlot and from the depth of the pain cave.

* I wish I'd known these things before I went.

* FWIW - I've never heard of the PA one.

* I, too, would like a magical goat.

* They need one of these for theater technicians. Or maybe just a special issue?

* If you have feelings about James Tiptree, Jr., check this out.

* What a costumer does.

* This is how I do it.


As someone with chronic pain who is frequently up all night because I slept all day, I really appreciate your "Many Things Make a Post."

Question: At your most recent half marathon, were there any songs that popped up on your i-pad that gave your spirit a boost?

One of my favorites is Janelle Monae's "Tightrope." Never fails.

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