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Off to see the CMOG

Because our winter, while awful, wasn't quite as awful as everyone anticipated, the kids wound up two extra days off for Memorial Day. And because I've been feeling lately like I haven't seen my offspring quite enough and that the days are racing by, I decided that we'd take a road trip last Friday to one of my favorite places in the area: The Corning Museum of Glass.


The kids with a Chihuly. 


There were marvels to be marveled at. The Tween and I agreed that Constellation might be our favorite from this visit. It was the cast bronze poop that did it for me.


There were even more Chihulys to marvel at, including this mum with a baby as its stamen.

But the biggest draw at CMOG is the Make Your Own Glass experience. The Tween flame-worked a bead and the Boy fused a nightlight cover.


You can almost see the concentration radiating from him.

All told, a good day -- and I'm so glad that I took the time to make it happen.


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