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“'Would you like me to arrest you?' I asked. That's an old police trick: If you just warn people, they often simply ignore you. But if you ask them a question, then they have to think about it. And once they start to think about the consequences, they almost always calm down. Unless they're drunk, of course, or stoned, or aged between fourteen and twenty-one, or Glaswegian.”

-- Ben Aaronovitch, Moon Over Soho. The Peter Grant series is one of my favorites for listening to on long runs because Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's work is so engaging. 

Plus! At long last! A race report over at Another Mother Runner's Martini Fridays.


I have read the whole series.. and yet.. I want to listen to them now based on your rec! Isn't he a delightful writer???

One of my friends introduced me to the series. I'm currently on book 5 and my husband has inhaled the first four. SO much fun. I'll have to check out the audiobooks, though, because I've got audible points to use up.

Kobna H-S is Peter Grant to me. I listened to them before I read them and can't shake his interpretation. I'd highly recommend.

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