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what I look like on my best day

A couple of months ago, a publication for whom I write asked for a headshot. As I hit send on the one I usually use, I realized it is nearly ten years old. I'd like to pretend that time has failed to pass but then I realized that I am almost the mother of a teenager and that my knees make alarming noises when I go up stairs. 

Combine my ancient* headshot with a trip to Pittsburgh for the half-marathon with a college friend whose photography I deeply admire and, voila:


I imagine this is what I look like on my very best day. Anita -- the Buzzy of Buzzy Photography -- made the process painless, which is great because I truly dislike having my picture taken and that almost never fails to come through in any final shot. 

I intend to keep this one for another ten years. I mean -- how much can I change as I move into my 50s....**

Next up: a new, responsive design for this here blog, which I haven't spruced up in .... um ... a very long time.


* for relative values of "ancient"

** I know.


Beautiful shot, Adrienne.

Gorgeous! Also... I don't think I'd ever noticed how green your eyes were until now.


Thank you, Adrienne!! :)

My eyes are pretty dang green, especially under that right lighting conditions. Except when they look blue. Or brown. It's a thing that I've never quite understood.

looking great Adrienne!

Excellent. Trust that a print is available?

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