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One of the awesome things about having older kids is how little maintenance sleep-overs and other sorts of playdates require. Generally, the Husband and I are only needed for rides, snacks, and/or money. Or, likely, all three. So the Teen's birthday sleep-over was pretty low-impact for us.

There was, of course, cake*:



Which had been decorated by the Teen and her friend. Said friend brought edible glitter as a birthday present.


It was well received.

The Teens went roller skating, then came back and crashed in our front room. The next morning, Lucy decided to wait for them to come out to play.


She waited a long time because Teens are not known for early rising. After all of the bonus kids took off for their respective homes, it was time for family gifts, which included a ukulele and a subscription to Japancrate:


It might have been the gift winner this year. So much kawaii. 

Add to that a nearly 14-mile run, by me, not the Teen, and that is pretty much the weekend that was. Hope yours was also as lovely, if slightly less exhausting.


* Gluten free, because the Teen has (and will always have) Celiac Disease. King Arthur's really does make the best GF mixes.


Kawaii birthdays are the best birthdays. Well done, Mom.

Once a year, we can pull it together. YMMV at other times.

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