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a stroll downtown

I've been just busy enough this summer with long runs and/or travel, that I haven't been able to get to our local Saturday Farmer's Market. The Teen and I finally managed to wander down this weekend. 

I took the standard pictures one takes at a Farmer's Market:


And a few pictures of our unique offerings:


Does your local market have booze? No? I am sad for you.

Saturday was also A Happiness Sprinkle:


Plus, the Teen finally got to taste Bubble Tea:


She is dubious.

Lucy, however, was more than ready to take the leftover bubble tea off of our hands:


She's a giver, that Lucy.


I love that our downtown has not one, but TWO establishments which offer bubble tea (and there's one more, on Southside)! Of the three, I prefer Chop Choice (next to Bourdreaux Thibideaux, where China 19 used to be). Their General Tsao's is also quite good.

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